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Jan 25, 2013 3:00am PST
hillary clinton for an interview with steve kroft of cbs news that will air sunday night on 60 minutes. it's very unusual. it's for the president and the secretary of state to give an interview together. the first time the president has set done for an interview with anybody, not even with the vice president. sitting down for a joint interview with secretary clinton. i am sure they will cover a lot of the national security issues. he will be asked about benghazi, about the situation in northern africa and hillaryses tenure. >> it's clear he likes doing interviews with steve kroft. >> yes. >> he has done more with him than anybody else. i am not sure what the number is. >> bill: yeah. on a national level certainly. so that should be interesting to watch. you know i was disappointed today in -- the figure buster we thought we were going to see reform of the filibuster this year. we know how important it is. we know how broken the senate is what he wants to get done through the senate whether it's gun control or climate change tom harkin said without filibuster reform, president o
Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
interview, with steve croft or with the new republic? >> i think it was with the new republic. >> bill: yeah. he was asked about football and about the violence of football. he said that if he had a son, he would have to think long and hard about allowing him to play football. because he's really concerned about the violence. yesterday, ed reed who is with the ravens and looking forward to the super bowl this weekend was asked about the president's comment. i think reporters expected him to say no! it's okay, whatever. didn't go there. >> president obviously has a bunch of feelings about it. i mean i'm sure he's a sports man. he watches sports. honestly i agree with him. i agree with president obama. until they fix the system. >> bill: dangerous sport. here you've got two little boys. >> i've got two boys. >> bill: would you let them play high school football? >> in full disclosure, they both suck at sports. we've only tried soccer and basketball. we haven't tried football. i have no reservations about letting them play football. >> bill: really? >> i hope they don't listen to the show thoug
Jan 28, 2013 3:00am PST
tea party versus establishment wing of the party. steve king, it sounds like he wants to run on the republican side, very conservative a lot of governor of the state, republican governor says steve king is too conservative to win a swing state seat like a with a. it will be fascinating to see how the republicans deal with that conservative wing >> bill: what about tom vilsack, secretary of it agriculture, popular in the state? is there any talk talk of his running? >> there has been some talk. i think et cetera more interested in heading up the agriculture department. there has been more talk about his wife christie vilsack, but democrats, the vilsacks are the first-tier candidates. democrats, one of the things they bring to the table is a deep bench of candidates. so brailey is the big name but there are other candidates who could fill in the void. >> bill: now, in georgia, it's saxby chambliss hanging it up, up up? >> yes, and the fascinating thing >> bill: end of his second term? >> he ran against max cle lapped in that 2002 campaign. >> bill: disgusting campaign i thought at any
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3